The association

Purpose of the association

The purpose of the association is to support small-scale projects in East Africa in various ways such as the following.

- By giving advice.
- By collecting and sending various equipment (for example for schools, nurseries, colleges, clinics, hospitals
- By cooperating with partners in East Africa
- By cooperating with other Danish associations and NGO's
- By cooperating with other associations, organizations and individuals who shares our interest in promoting development in East Africa
All advice and conveyance of equipment has to have an aim of promoting local, social development.

Foundation of the association

Marafiki wa Afrika ya Mashariki, in Danish Østafrikas Venner (meaning The Friends of East Africa) is a small Danish association established in 2007. In short we call it Marafiki. Today Marafiki has 90 members: A big part of the members are of East African origin. Another large section of the members have stayed in East Africa for shorter or longer stays, primarily in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi where they have been working with development projects of various sizes.

Activities of the association

The acitivies of Marafiki falls in the following categories: education, health, children and youth. Marafiki conducts information work in Denmark and collects and sends various equipment by containers to East Africa. The transport of containers is supported financially by The Danish Mission Council Development Department (DMCDD), that is the programme entitled Genbrug til Syd (meaning recycled equipment to the South).
Kampala, Uganda
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